We at Ryze Extreme Air Sports Parks (the UK arm of Circus Trix- the largest trampoline park operator in the world) were using an onsite solution for our POS and online reservations.  It did most of what we needed to achieve however was a one stop fits all and not specific to our industry and with it being an overseas supplier the time differences to speak was just not as accessible as we liked. 


We wanted to have a system that allowed us to have full integration across all sites and be able to customise elements of the system in house that would allow us to have seamless functionality and everything available for our employees and customers and to use a company that was easily accessible.


The decision to move our POS software systems was huge with large issues like; the time it takes to migrate data, integration into business and company practices, getting to know a new system, re-training staff, learning shortcuts and need to know information etc.


When we decided to get onboard with BookNow Software Ltd we needed to ensure that we would have the support we required to move our three sites onto the platform now and have capacity to grow the business further later and Booknow have done just that with ease.


They created our software for us then arrived on site and trained our staff and have been on hand for the support we required throughout the whole onboarding process. There have been new things to learn about the system and adjustments that we needed doing, BookNow Software have dealt with all of these at the time we asked and we are absolutely loving the extra functionality allows us. Reporting on all aspects of the business is simple and direct to any device and we are able to utilise the integrated platform to see all financials, bookings, deferred revenue and parties immediately.  So glad we moved over and we would recommend BookNow Software to any park!


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